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About Us

Azolla is an aquatic plant that is small and unassuming. Despite this it played a significant role in paving the way for terrestrial life on Earth during the Eocene epoch through the creation of atmosphere that created the opportunity for other plants and animals to exist.


It achieved this as it was not constrained like other organisms at the time, as it was able to inhabit a thin layer of fresh water and create its own nitrogen.


Azolla is also very productive, being able to double its biomass in 3-10 days depending on growing conditions.

In fact it is considered a super plant. Any other plant would not have the same significance in our history. This small and insignificant looking plant is unstoppable. 


The role it played in shifting the world's climate to what we know today was so significant it has even been recognised in science and is called, the Azolla event.


Azolla is a change maker.

And here in lies the analogy for what we do as a management consulting firm.


We work with our clients to create their own Azolla event. Instead of sunlight, water, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, we use strategy, innovation, optimisation and leadership. Integrated and aligned, together they create the conditions for growth and change in any organisation. 


We also create opportunities.  Opportunities through our strategy services for organisations, their teams and people to be highly productive.


Azolla is about us helping to create our own impact on the world by helping our clients deliver theirs.


This tiny aquatic plant reminds us that something so small and seemingly insignificant can have a massive and lasting impact. We may be a small firm, but just like Azolla, we will make a shift in your organisation. 


This is what we strive for with our clients - lasting impact.

Our Values

Genuinely walking the talk with values being core to everything we do.


Committed to bringing you a great customer experience.  Continue to learn to ensure the best contemporary knowledge is given to you.


Work hand in hand with you to truly understand your business, its challenges, aspirations, and customers to help make smart, sustainable choices.


Do everything with honesty, accountability and trust as you are the priority. It is understood that you will confide in us, either in terms of your business or personal information.  Keeping what you share confidential.


A practical and pragmatic approach means you can spend more time leading the growth and direction of your business in a strategic way that has lasting impact.

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