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Our Team

Marion’s philosophy is to keep one eye firmly on the direction you want to head while focusing the other on how it can be implemented.  This means we create strategies that are practical, meaningful and most importantly – implementable and impactful.


Marion is able to do this through her 20 years’ experience of rolling up the sleeves and delivering Strategy on the ground.  This enables us to get to the heart of the problem quickly and fix the issue.


Marion is able to quickly diagnose the bottleneck through a couple of conversations and identify the issue to get things back on track.


Her purpose is to create the conditions for opportunity and success within organisations. This is because organisations are integral to people and their lives.  We spend so much time being part of them, creating them, working at them. Organisations and the work people do give them purpose in life. This is why it is so important that organisations are run well - to ensure what people do has value.


Marion has always led and managed teams, and therefore has an inherent understanding of how to unlock the latent potential within people and organisations to achieve high performance.


She has consistently worked with executive teams, CEOs and Ministers throughout her career. Marion understands what it means to lead a team, especially through challenging times.


In her role as the first female Government Chief Information Officer for Western Australia, she re-focused the priorities of the Office and re-aligned resources and capabilities to deliver. She applied an agile approach to the organisation, creating multi-disciplinary teams across units to work together to achieve results.


Her practical understanding of what makes good business sense is what she brings to clients. This is coupled with her own multi-disciplinary background in science, sociology, policy and planning, as well as contemporary methods learned at Harvard Kennedy School.


Marion brings big corporate thinking and government know-how to deliver tailored products that meet our client’s needs, creating that personalised touch.


To gain the best outcomes for our clients, Marion works collaboratively with other consultants where required.  This means she is able to leverage her extensive network and bring the type of knowledge and capabilities required to suit your specific needs.


She is regularly asked to speak on the topics of strategy, innovation, digital disruption, diversity & inclusion, confidence & leadership, and publishes thought leadership pieces on these topics.


Andrea Culligan, Consulting Partner 

Marion is one of those rare individuals who is both detail orientated but focused on relationships. Marion is highly intelligent, well read and challenges where required respectfully. Her ability to galvanise a team quickly is a great skill, bringing together team members to execute quickly and with high quality. Marion is fun and her laugh is contagious which is important under high pressure environments. I loved working with Marion and highly recommend her.




"Thank you for all your energy. It was a fantastic session on Leadership and Confidence"

Women in Leadership Participant

"I really enjoyed the program and I see the changes that will happen as a result. There is nothing that we cannot do right now to make things better!"

Design Lab Participant

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