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About Us

Our mission is to help leaders and their business be the best they can be by providing practical and pragmatic solutions that meet their needs.

We do this by connecting people, strategy, innovation and leadership services.

It's our purpose and passion. Let us help you with yours.

Our Services

Business strategy

Co-design with you the future of your business to ensure value and impact to your customers.

Improve performance

Objectively review your business to create efficient and effective performance.


Your business is as good as you are.  We provide break-through sessions so that you and your business grow.

other services

Come and speak to us about our other modular services to support you and your team on your business journey.

Our Focus

Azolla Holdings was created out of our passion and purpose for helping organisations to be successful. 


The (not so secret) ingredient – Strategy.


Here’s the thing. We LOVE Strategy. It’s more than a job to us. And we LOVE to help businesses and people to be successful.  That’s what drives us.


It’s for this reason that we deliver like a big business but have the personal service of a boutique consultancy.


We know that Strategy isn’t for everyone. We also know that’s it’s not just a literature review or a workshop with key stakeholders.


Strategy is not a document that lives on a shelf showing how long it’s been since you last dusted.


You can tell an organisation that has a good Strategy – its successful, sustainable, and the people that work there are full of life. That’s because their Strategy has become embedded in the fabric of what they do and how they do it.


A good Strategy executed gets results.


We get it.


Now let us help you get yours.

Meet The Team


Marion Burchell

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Marion is an accomplished senior executive with a unique set of skills and experiences that combined, provide you with value and impact.

She has significant government and commercial experience, across the areas of strategy, innovation, leadership and creating efficiencies.



Alex Christou, Managing Director, Thrive Global

I met Marion on Necker Island and was impressed with the high quality interactive strategy session she delivered to a room full of executives, entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. The practical and pragmatic frameworks focused on what really matters - running a successful business.


Stuart Gibbon, Director Consulting, Deloitte

In a word - awesome.  Marion is one of the most accomplished and skilled senior executives I have ever worked with.  I have observed the way CEOs and other senior executives confide in her and turn to her for advice and feedback, and how she has helped to create and improve their teams.


Rob Delane, Inspector General of Biosecurity, Australian Government

Marion is a passionate innovator and people connector who has made a significant contribution to the innovation ecosystem in Perth. If you want to start, or know how to get cut-through for your innovation initiatives then involve Marion! You'll be glad you did.

Board Member, Not for Profit

"I really enjoyed the methodology and process used in developing the strategy as it was very evidence based, logical and pragmatic. It wasn't fluffy and broad, which made it tangible and meaningful. It was the first time I had experienced something like this."

We are called to be the architects of the future, not its victims.


                                                                  R. Buckminster Fuller



T: +61 (0) 419 853 250





We embrace digital ways of working making us highly mobile and available to our clients - wherever they may be in the world.




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