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Celebrating one year of being in business

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

One year on from establishing Azolla and it seems appropriate to reflect on the year that was.

It has been an amazing ride and I have learned so much in the process. That was the whole point.

Creating a business is like creating a team. What is its purpose? What values will it have? What will you focus on? How will it operate? What will be it’s structure? And so on.

The first thing people ask me in polite conversation is, what does your business do? My answer? Whatever I want!

A deeper, and more considered response goes a little something like this.

I wanted to create a business that allows me to work with others where there is a clear mutual benefit. Where I can add value using my knowledge, skills and experience to really make a difference.

To make that difference, the client needs to be ready. It cannot be a tick the box exercise or a nice to have or meet the latest business trend. There has to be a genuineness and readiness for change and to deliver the outcomes being sought. Essentially They have to be ready.

Otherwise it’s a waste of both our time (and their money).

Our values also have to be aligned. This way we know there will be a good cultural fit in how we work together. This helps provide an instant connection and understanding of how we will operate, and a deeper connection creating an environment of honestly, trust and authenticity.

We have said no to work where there wasn’t a good fit. Some people have found this brave and surprising, especially making this decision in our first year. But as I always say, start as you mean to proceed!

This short term pain is a long term gain, as we didn’t want to spend time not loving what we did and potentially having issues with our clients. In saying no, it create the time and space to find opportunities that were a good fit.

After all, the Azolla effect is all about creating the conditions for opportunity and teaching potential. We can only do that if we have the right environment to do our thing, and help you do yours.

About Marion

Marion is a highly experienced and accomplished strategy, innovation and leadership professional with a focus on the enterprise and government sectors. She is a trusted advisor to CEOs and senior executives, providing practical and pragmatic solutions to the challenges they face. Marion is the Managing Director at Azolla Holdings Pty Ltd, a Board member, thought leader and member of an international entrepreneur association.


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