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How to Create a Digital Dream Team

CIO Media Magazine asked us to write a thought leadership piece on the challenges and tensions organisations face in moving towards greater digitalisation in the workplace.

In the digital age which we live, greater emphasis on digital transformation and embedding technology in how we work will become a reality. This generally comes at a cost to the organisation, which in the decision making process, aims to over time recoup that cost through efficiencies, greater customer engagement and experience, increase exposure and sales, access to key services and so on.

This can only be achieved if the business and technology teams work hand in glove. This is easier said than done due to the culture, work practices, structures and behaviours we create and enforce as humans at work.

In short, a digital transformation, project or change does not fail due to the technology. It fails due to the human factor.

Read our thought leadership piece (feature article) in CIO Media Magazine for more. Click

Marion Burchell is a renowned thought leader in technology and innovation. She served as the first female Government Chief Information Officer for Western Australia, driving social inclusion, cyber security, and inter-jurisdictional data sharing. She led the design and implementation of the State’s first innovation strategy, the open data policy and digital reform. She was instrumental in the creation of the Office of the GCIO and oversaw its later transition into the Department of the Premier and Cabinet – a strategic move indicative of the priority and importance of technology to the State. Marion’s work was key to securing the $25m innovation fund (now the New Industries Fund) and ensured focus on regular delivery of key initiatives to build momentum in the ecosystem and showcase the value of developing and supporting startups to the economy. She also negotiated the cyber security CRC agreement which saw it being headquartered in Western Australia, along with securing significant investment in local startups with scalable solutions to business challenges.


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