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What inspired you to enter the business world and pursue a leadership role?

In the CIO Media’s edition of “The Future is Female: Trailblazing Women Reshaping Business”, we provided some in depth answers to the questions asked by the media team. A summary of those responses was provided in the September 2023 cover edition. People have asked further questions relating to the answers provided, so we thought it might be useful to do a post series where each in depth answer to a question is given. We hope this provides some inspiration as we start 2024!



I think it’s important for people to challenge themselves and step out of their comfort zone. It is only then that you learn, grow and increase your ability to contribute to the world around you. We are all shaping the environment in which we live, work and play. More importantly, we all have a role to play in designing the future for future generations. After having a successful career in government I wanted to challenge myself and do something different. Regardless of whether you’re in government, business, academia or the not for profit sector, it’s important to stand for something greater than yourself and leave the world a better place.


I believe we are standing at a precipice. We have come to an end of an era and we are at the start of another. Now is our time to build the foundations of the next wave of evolution, and it will impact future generations to come. We need to be having deep conversations and discourse around what that next wave will look like and design it with great consciousness and deliberation. Designing the digital age comes with great responsibility along with many opportunities.


We are being challenged to think bigger and at a larger scale than ever before. We are tackling big issues at a global scale, with global implications and impact. We therefore need to be thinking bigger.

To borrow from the environment movement, we need to think global and act local. What will your role and impact be? What story do you want to tell the next generation, and the next generation of your family? There's no time like the new year to think about the impact you want to make.

About Marion

Marion is a highly experienced and accomplished strategy, innovation and leadership professional with a focus on the enterprise and government sectors. She is a trusted advisor to CEOs and senior executives, providing practical and pragmatic solutions to the challenges they face. Marion is the Managing Director at Azolla Holdings Pty Ltd, a Board member, thought leader and member of an international entrepreneur association.


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