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How do you approach and overcome gender biases or stereotypes in the workplace?

While there is a legitimate place for advocacy related to gender in the workplace, my focus has always been on driving high performance. Focusing on gender or stereotypes can potentially create a larger divide, as it focuses on what is different (usually highly observable such as gender, race, ethnicity. age).

My approach has always been focused on unifying people in teams and organisations. This means leveraging all skillsets, knowledge, and capabilities of talent to deliver against strategic priorities.  The more diverse the team the better, as it brings a wider set of possibilities and solutions leading to the design and implementation of better outcomes.

To achieve this, a common foundation needs to be created around purpose, values, and outcomes.

We focus on what individuals can contribute to the delivery of a project, outcome, or reform. As a matter of practice, we create multidisciplinary teams around projects and leverage each team member’s capabilities to deliver on the outcomes being sought.

This is diversity in action. It is diversity in practice.

Diversity shouldn’t be a “nice to have” or “something organisation’s do when they have time”. It should be part of an organisation’s DNA, so much so no-one has to refer to it at all, as it is integral to how people work.

This is a key difference high performing teams and high performing organisations have, and why they continue to be successful.

About Marion

Marion is a highly experienced and accomplished strategy, innovation and leadership professional with a focus on the enterprise and government sectors. She is a trusted advisor to CEOs and senior executives, providing practical and pragmatic solutions to the challenges they face. Marion is the Managing Director at Azolla Holdings Pty Ltd, a Board member, thought leader and member of an international entrepreneur association.


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