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Wisdom in a Baci

One doesn't need to travel to see the world differently. You just need to look at the same world but with new eyes.

Like life, there are different layers of meaning and experience. People can be in the same place and see things differently. People can read the same book or see the same movie - but will take away different meaning.

Different layers.

None are right.

None are wrong.

Just different.

Meaningful to the eye of the beholder.

Here's the important footnote... as long as you are thinking...

Many people are sleeping awake. They have the same thoughts they always had, thoughts that get repeated as it served them at a point in time.

Habits are formed based on our ingrained thinking, and help to reinforce our beliefs. Progress is not made from the pattern unless there is a circuit breaker - allowing us to see the world differently. Allowing us to see the different layers before us.

This requires a mind-shift. It requires a curious mind to dig deeper - to take the time and really consider what is before us.

Only then will you see the same world with different eyes.

We have been working with individuals, groups and organisations to do just this. It is why Azolla was created in the first place and the meaning behind our name: to create the environment for growth.

About Marion

Marion is a highly experienced and accomplished strategy, innovation and leadership professional with a focus on the enterprise and government sectors. She is a trusted advisor to CEOs and senior executives, providing practical and pragmatic solutions to the challenges they face. Marion is the Managing Director at Azolla Holdings Pty Ltd, a Board member, thought leader and member of an international entrepreneur association.


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